The Italian Stone Man

Fambrini & Daniels Canwick Road Lincoln

Fambrini & Daniels, 85 Canwick Road, Lincoln

This unusual, neglected building stands on Canwick Road.

Joseph Fambrini, born in Italy in 1815, was a plaster manufacturer and landlord at the Packet Inn on Waterside North.  He later moved to the Crown & Cushion (now the Pelham Bridge) on Melville Street.

Fambrini produced artificial stone and moulded it to customer requirements.  Fambrini and Joseph Daniels, his grandson, became partners in Fambrini & Daniels.  They produced decorative artificial stone mouldings, they were listed in street directories as artificial stone manufacturers and architectural modellers.


Plaque on Villa Firenze

Plaque on wall of Villa Firenze with Joseph and Mary Ann’s initials and the build date

Fambrini no doubt benefited from the rapid growth of Lincoln housing in the latter half of the 19th century as he had a large house built on the corner of  Monks Road and Baggholme Road in 1876, naturally artificial stone was used to decorate it. It was named Florence Villa (Florence may be where he was born).  Fambrini resigned from the partnership in 1889 and Daniels continued trading as Fambrini & Daniels.  Fabrini died in 1890 and his house was renamed Villa Firenze.

In 1899 Joseph Daniels commissioned William Mortimer to design an office & showroom (top picture) for Fambrini & Daniels.  It was designed to exhibit many of the companies products.  The building is Grade II listed.  The eaves cornice has decorative corbels and banding, with above in parapet a projecting panel decorated with pendant flag and wreath. Rainwater heads in
form of monstrous heads. Side entrance facade has similar elaborate architectural detail. Topped with panel bearing Lincoln City coat of arms surmounted by segmental pediment
bearing date 1889.

The business was taken over by Lindum Stone Company about 1913.

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  1. Shana Rae says:

    I took a picture of the building in Canwick Road some years ago and always wondered about the history behind it, and finding out that Fambrini’s house is my old doctor’s surgery too, wonderful post thank you!

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