“Lincoln? Where’s That?

Way back in the 1960’s the company I worked for took all its employees to London for a night out.  I think I must be going senile, I don’t remember much about the night, but one thing that still stands out in my memory is the response from a London taxi driver after he asked where we were from: “Lincoln?  Where’s that?”  Today, when I visit other parts of our wonderful country I am often still asked the same question.

Why isn’t Lincoln on the “tourist trail” with other cities such as York, Cambridge and Bath.  I believe one of our problems is lack of promotion by the major government-supported tourist organisations.  For example, Visit Britain, apart from on their Lovewall Lincoln hardly gets a mention.

This map can be found on Visit Britains site:

Visit Britain Map

If you know where Lincoln is you will notice a glaring ommision – Lincoln is not shown, in fact very little of the East Midlands and East Anglia are shown on the map.

Surely a search on Visit Britain’s website will produce some results.

VB search

Ah yes, two entries (this is exciting), let’s have a look.  Oh, the first one is this:

buckden towers

That’s disappointing, at least it’s “in tact” [sic].

Anyway, let’s have a look at the second entry, it could our glorious Cathedral standing high above the lower city, glowing in the sun, or may even be Steep Hill, voted England’s Best Street.  Oh …

lincoln's inn

You see the problem, “Lincoln?  Where’s that”

There is so much to see in Lincoln, Here are some of the places you can visit in Lincoln

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2 Responses to “Lincoln? Where’s That?

  1. Alan says:

    As an expat Lincolnian now living in Australia I find that very few people who visit the UK go to Lincoln. However, always be careful what you wish for – do you really want Lincoln to end up like York and Stratford? An interesting aspect of those who do visit Lincoln is that they often also visit the WW II RAF bases nearby – apparently there some collections of historic aircraft, etc.

    • Thanks for your comments Alan.

      I believe Lincoln would benefit from more tourists, increased employment and growth of small tourist type shops.

      The Battle of Britain Memorial Flight is based about 20 miles south east of Lincoln and has a Lancaster, several Spitfires, Hurricanes and a Dakota, all of which fly regularly during the season. The only flying Vulcan is based near Doncaster but regularly flies over Lincoln and surrounding area.

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