How to Confuse the Visitor to Lincoln

The wise Elders of earlier centuries of the City of Lincoln chose a unique way to name the streets of the city.

Castle Hill

Castle Hill

Take, for instance, Castle Hill: Castle Hill is between Lincoln’s castle and cathedral but try as I might I am unable to find much of an incline between those two buildings.  It’s true that it stands at the top of the well-named Steep Hill and there is a slight slope from south to north, but a hill it is not.

Staying on the subject of hills, what about Lindum Road, now that is a hill, unusually for Lincolnshire, quite a steep hill, 1 in 9 (or in modern terminology 11%), I believe.  Lindum Road perpetuates the lie that started when it was named New Road.

Yarborough Road is of a similar incline to Lindum Road, it would be a hill in many other cities.  Leading off Yarborough is Carline Road which is probably the second steepest hill in Lincoln.

Cornhill, Lincoln

Cornhill, Lincoln

Nearly forgot the Cornhill, standing east of the High Street.  There may have been a hill of corn there (pre-EU) but a more accurate name would be Corn Square.

Moving to the south of the city Canwick Road heads south from Pelham Bridge (yes it is a bridge) and out into the country.  But as it leaves the city it climbs a steep hill but it is still called Canwick Road.

If we head south west from Canwick Road we come to Cross O’ Cliff Hill – and it is a hill, obviously misnamed in a moment of forgetfulness.

Imagine someone on a cycling holiday, Lincolnshire is considered (wrongly) as being flat, and they would think they could get south to north through Lincoln without climbing a hill!

There are more examples of the special naming of roads in Lincoln and maybe in other parts of the country.

I think it’s true to say the residents of Lincoln are more honest and call roads that give the impression of hills, hill: e.g. Lindum Hill, Yarborough Hill, etc.


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4 Responses to How to Confuse the Visitor to Lincoln

  1. Alan says:

    When I was growing up, Castle Hill was always called Castle Square (at least by locals). Has it been renamed?

  2. Bill says:

    The High street is actually quite low down !

  3. Thanks for your comment Bill, You are right in saying it is low down, but High in this respect traditionally means the most important street of a town or city where the shopping commercial business would be conducted. But not all communities have a High Street.

    I don’t think the name Scorer Street adds up.

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