The Tallest Stucture in the World – or was it?

Bishops Eye

Bishop’s Eye in the South Transept

Back in May 2012 I wrote The Tallest Structure in the World blogpost, in which I wrote about  Lincoln Cathedral.

This week I received an email from someone who described himself as a sceptic and, although he made no claims about which was the tallest structure or building at that time, said that he does not believe Lincoln Cathedral was ever the tallest.  He based his scepticism on the fact that he lived in Lincoln from 1981 to 1984  and had never heard the claim.  I can only accept the figures that are available to us today since the spire was blown down in 1549. 

Lincoln Cathedral, including the spire on the Rood Tower, stood 524 feet high, prior to that the old St Paul’s Cathedral in London had been the tallest building for 100 years.   Although the spire was lost in 1549 no building was higher than the Cathedral’s tower and spire until the building of Ulm Minster in 1890 at 530 feet.

How important is it that Lincoln Cathedral was once the highest structure in the world? Well it’s a matter of status, there are so many legitimate claims that can be made about Lincoln (see the About page on this blog), but to have the tallest building/structure for 439 years is unique in the modern age, but the Great Pyramid of Giza was the tallest structure for nearly 4,000 years.

Having ‘said’ all that what is most important to me is that Lincoln Cathedral is one of the most beautiful buildings I have seen.  Biased? Me?

2014-02-02 Cathedral collage

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