Whether you were born in Lincoln, moved here or just visiting I hope you find this blog interesting

This is a blog about Lincoln, Lincolnshire:  The buildings of the present and past, the people who have helped shape it,  the companies that have grown with it and all things that are the essence of Lincoln.

You can now read about Lincoln in a paperback book and on Kindle:

Snippets of History

Click on image to read about: It’s About Lincoln: Snippets of History

Articles include:

    • The tallest structure in the world
    • The only medieval bridge in England with shops
    • The oldest arch over a road in England
    • One of two castles in England with two mottes
    • It is at the end of the oldest canal in England
    • Part of the oldest Franciscan friary in England

I have created a group on Facebook, you can visit it by clicking on the menu below the header picture, where you can discuss all that’s good about Lincoln.

Please visit the It’s About Lincoln website

If you have any observations, corrections or criticisms I will welcome them.

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