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Banks and High Bridge

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Sir Joseph Banks is well-known as a naturalist and botanist, the son of William Banks a wealthy Lincolnshire land owner.  Joseph was also a farmer and business man and was instrumental in promoting the Horncastle Canal. An Act of Parliament … Continue reading

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A Fitting Tribute

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Over the years several streets in Lincoln have had name changes, Clay Lane to West Parade; New Road to Lindum Road; St Giles Gate to Wragby Road are just three. What seems at first like the most insignificant name change … Continue reading

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Lincoln’s Smallest Parish

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What is unusual about the Cold Bath House parish? 1891 Census Copyright © 2003-2011 The Trustees of FreeCEN. Cold Bath House parish was created in 1837.  It had an area of 1 acre and was located at the top of … Continue reading

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Lincoln’s Industrial Revolution

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In The Decline and Rise of Lincoln I wrote about how Lincoln fell from its position as one of the most important cities in England to a rural backwater hardly able to support itself.  Now I will cover the times when Lincoln grew … Continue reading

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The Schoolboy Who Killed a King

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St Katherines Priory was a religious house of the Gilbertine Order, it stood on a site west of St Catherines, south of Sincil Drain and north of Hamilton Road.  William Griffith, the last prior, surrendered the priory in 1535 to … Continue reading

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The Virgin Mary and the Wain Well

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The picture to the left shows Eastgate from the Bailgate junction.  Even though this line of Eastgate would go through the Roman gate from which it gets its name, the road would not have been trodden by a Roman citizen … Continue reading

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These Water Tanks Never Made It To Mesopotamia

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I am sure most Lincolnians would understand the relevance of the title of this blogpost. By Christmas 1914 the opposing armies of the First World War became bogged down in mud and reached stalemate: each dug trenches in the battlefields of … Continue reading

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